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Health Benefits of Zucchini

Despite being treated as a vegetable, zucchini is biologically considered a fruit. It is rich in fiber and water and it contains a plethora of nutrients. Let us discover the nutritional factors behind this fruit’s success among the health-conscious community!

Fountain of Youth

Long term exposure to toxins and free radicals can increase the aging process of your body. Zucchini is enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that help protect and purify your body from free radicals and inflammation.

Energy Booster

Zucchini is fortified with Vitamin B6, riboflavin, and Folate which help improve mood and reduce fatigue. B-Vitamins also support brain function, including cognition.

Bone Builder

Calcium is not the only nutrient that can strengthen bones!  Zucchini is lavished with Magnesium, Vitamin K, and antioxidants Zeaxanthin and Lutein, all of which help build stronger bones.

Enhances Digestion

Zucchini is your best friend when it comes to better digestion because of its richness in water and fiber. Regular consumption of this fruit can help reduce colon cancer and ulcers.

Supports Collagen Formation

For more supple, soft, and elastic skin, you might want to start including zucchini in your favorite dishes. Zucchini is rich in Riboflavin which influences the maturation of collagen and it contains 3 major components for collagen formation: Potassium, Zeaxanthin, and Folate.

Powerful Brain Function and Sharp Memory

An adequate amount of water in your system exhibits higher brain activity by effectively delivering nutrients to other parts of your body including your brain.  Folate also helps improve brain function and emotional health.

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