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The more people who share my programs and resources, the more people we can reach and teach this important information about hormonal health and healing the body naturally.

Through spreading the word about my series of programs, products and resources (with a personalized affiliate link), affiliates commisions range from 20-50% on each sale made through his/her unique affiliate link for all of my online programs and products.

If you’ve completed one of my programs or just follow my work, I’m sure you can understand why I want to get the word out about this to as many people as possible. It’s a life-changing experience. If you have a website, newsletter, blog, an online business or you use social media, those are all great avenues to promote the programs.

We will also provide you with special graphics, social media content and great sample promotional copy to make it super easy for you to share the resources to your audience.

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I pay my affiliates industry-leading commissions at the end of every month based on the tried-and-true “last touch” attribution model with a 60-day web cookie. This means that anyone who clicks your affiliate link and then makes a purchase within the next 60 days counts toward your commission (as long as they didn’t click someone else’s affiliate link after yours during that time frame).

My team has also created materials to assist you with your promotions and are here to support you during the process.  We want to make this both fun and easy as possible for you!

Benefits of Joining 

  • Competitive Commission Payouts ranging from 20-50%
  • 60-day referral period
  • Average order value of $497+
  • Promotional and social media content provided

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