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I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of women throughout the course of my clinical career and am grateful for the ability to profoundly touch the lives of each and every one.  Here's a sampling of just a few of the success stories from my patients over the years.

In Gratitude

Real Results - What Dr. Stephanie's Patients are Saying...

Karyla Gaines, M.Ed., M.S., LPC, Dipl. Ac.

I started working with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen in August of 2019. I was being over medicated for hypothyroid and wasn’t feeling well. When I told my MD my symptoms, he dismissed me and told me to continue with his recommendations. It was then that I decided to see Dr. Stephanie. After she reviewed lab work she requested, she found the source of the issue. I started her recommendations and within one week felt better. 5 months later, I have my life back. I feel energized and motivated to live the life I was meant to live. I have recommended her to everyone possible because she not only listens and truly cares, but has more knowledge about our bodies than any MD or other practitioner I have met. Forever grateful.

Karyla Gaines, M.Ed., M.S., LPC, Dipl. Ac. National Board Certified Acupuncturist and Counselor
Liz Martin

I am so thrilled to have found Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen!  I have explored other forms of holistic medicine- but somehow in those instances I have wound up needing to spend hundreds of dollars a month in supplements. Dr. Stephanie listened to my needs and helped me come up with an attainable plan (a combo of dietary changes and affordable supplements) to help me manage some hormonal difficulties I had been having.  Even though my doctor said everything was “normal” with my blood work, Dr. Stephanie was very knowledgeable and able to better interpret my blood work to know what wasn’t normal for me and what to do about it.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is having low energy or other potential hormonal issues!

Liz Martin Charleston Weekender
Kristi Reagor

Dr. Stephanie has an uncanny ability to hone in on the real issue(s) at hand, quickly and effectively. Her approach to turn a problem into a positive is remarkable.  I absolutely recommend Stephanie and feel confident that you will find her to be an absolute blessing.

Kristi Reagor Hoppy Dreams Sleep Company
Leah Pitre

Dr. Stephanie is a rare breed.  She’s a healer.  She’s not the typical, “take these pills then take these others to help with the side effects of the first.”  Dr. Stephanie listens to the whole picture and creates a plan to repair your system.

I thought I was a lost cause.  I refused to go to another doctor to have them tell me everything was in my head and just take these anti depressants and you’ll be fine.  No way!  I knew I was not even remotely depressed.  I was in pain!  Sure, my labs were “normal” to them, but they didn’t listen and didn’t look at the whole picture.

I came to Dr. Stephanie after hearing her guest speak on a blog about celiac disease.  I was desperate to figure out why I was in pain every single day, had zero energy, a really itchy rash on my hands and feet, and the worst was the insomnia.  I hadn’t touched gluten in over seven years, but had no clue why I was so miserable.

Dr. Stephanie wasn’t even a little cautious at the (what I assumed to be) insurmountable challenge to “fix” me.  She attacked head on and she started firing off things that could be wrong just by listening to my symptoms.  She promised to do her best to get me feeling tip top as long as I commit to the program.  Listen, I was all in if there was even a remote chance to have a decent night’s sleep again.

Y’all! Not only did I have a decent night’s sleep (I sleep like the dead now for as long as my beastly dogs allow), but I have more energy than ever before.  I can’t explain the relief it feels to not be in pain every day.  Is this how it feels to be “normal.”  Crazy!  It puts into perspective how awful I really was feeling.

The best part for me?  NO damn medicine!  I am uber cautious of what goes into my body since having celiac disease.  Dr. Stephanie has done an incredible amount of research to only provide the absolute best whole ingredients to heal the body.

Losing weight was at the bottom of my wish list for feeling better, but I’ll take it!  I’ve lost at least twenty-five pounds and feel insanely healthy.  I can’t thank you enough Dr. Stephanie!!!!  You are truly an incredible human for helping all of us lost causes out there that modern medicine tosses aside.  Listen to your bodies people!  If something doesn’t feel right, trust it.  Don’t let a lab coat tell you it’s all in your head.  Talk to Dr. Stephanie!  She’ll work with you to have you feeling your best self!

With my sincerest appreciation,

Leah Pitre Inkwood Crafters
Chris Tertzagian

Dr Stephanie Zgraggen has healed me in so many ways! She is my doctor for all things! She helped me to get my hormones in balance and regulate my cycle. She has made allergy season much shorter! I am a firm believer that food heals and I love seeing the benefits! If you are looking for a food based cleanse, she has an amazing detox program! I do this once a year and I walk away a few pounds lighter! But, the best part of the cleanse is the feeling of mental clarity! No brain fog! So, if you share the belief that food heals, Dr Stephanie is the doctor for you!

Chris Tertzagian Real Estate Agent
Sarah Scott Putnam

Dr Stephanie is not only a colleague and a friend but is also my “go to” person on women’s health and wholeness. What makes Dr Stephanie standout among others in her field is pairing her years and years of knowledge with the wisdom of your own body through kinesiology to find the answers. She truly is amazing, not to mention a joy to be around and work with. I highly recommend her for your wellness needs.

Sarah Scott Putnam International Intuitive and Life Mentor

I'm not exaggerating when I say Dr. Stephanie has transformed and changed my life. Every step of the way she guided me, shared her knowledge, and genuinely cared about me. 

I love her approach and process to healing the body in the healthiest and natural way. I highly recommend her!! 

Hannah G
Daphne, Alabama
Christina C.

Severe Digestion Issues, Fatigue, Joint Aches & Pains

I found Dr. Z at a time in my life where my body was completely depleted and out of balance due to long term mental, emotional and physical duress. It was to the point that my body didn’t even know how to digest a spinach salad. I knew I needed serious help but didn’t know where to begin.

When I explained my situation to Dr. Z during our initial consult, I discovered that there were not only concrete answers to address my health issues, but she expected them to be resolved far sooner than I had imagined! She gave me a timeline that seemed impossibly fast (4-5 months) if I followed her plan.

Long story short, she was right! I could not believe that I could see such drastic improvement in such a short time. After 5 months, my body was easily digesting and absorbing nutrients, my energy was up by at least 70%, aches and pains that had been the norm before just faded away and a variety of random symptoms that I had taken for granted cleared up.

Now it’s 10 months later, my health journey continues but I am stronger than ever. The best part is that once my body was reset, Dr. Z just became a support system for my general wellbeing. She did not push any ongoing products or programs on me. Now I just check in when I need help or support on something specific and she’s always right there to offer help as needed as I continue to navigate my unique path.

Reaching out to Dr. Z was one of the most important and impactful steps I took in starting my journey toward true health. I’m so very grateful to have found her and to have her on my health team as I continue to heal and improve.

Christina C. Decatur, Georgia

My doctors had no real answers for me; I am so grateful to have found Dr. Stephanie.  Now I have no hot flashes and am sleeping again!

Kathryn G
Charleston, South Carolina
Karen P


Peri-menopause in all its glory: bloating, weight gain, mood swings, cramping, irregular cycles; any way you describe it, I was miserable. The doctor wanted me to go on hormones, but I was looking for an alternative. Dr. Stephanie had me do the one month saliva test, an interesting process in itself. But what that testing showed was the range of all of my hormones over my entire cycle and not the range in one day (as the doctor’s blood test tells).

I began my Standard Process supplements with much skepticism, thinking that maybe hormones would be easier (and perhaps cheaper). The first month was rough, but then with each successive month, I noticed improvements. After 6 months I had lost all that peri-menopausal weight, was no longer bloated, and was having regular cycles. My mood swings disappeared. Irritability and fatigue were a thing of the past. RELIEF!! So now I am on a much simpler regimen, much less expensive, and feeling great. I truly had no idea what to expect, I just wanted relief. I got that relief in a healthy way in which my body has been able to heal itself. Dr. Stephanie and Standard Process-thank you!!!


Karen P Phoenix, Arizona

Female Hormonal Imbalances

I was diagnosed with premature menopause/ premature ovarian failure at eighteen. I was informed my ovaries worked “sometimes”, and I would be on progesterone and estrogen/birth control for the rest of my life. As an eighteen year old that’s not what you quiet want to hear with your whole life ahead of you. Years have passed and in March 2020 I was referred to Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen. She has literally changed my whole life. I am now naturally balancing my hormones. I have seen a dramatic change since working with Dr. Zgraggen. I will say my ovaries no longer only work “sometimes”. She’s excellent at what she does and I am forever grateful for meeting her.

Sabriya Atlanta, Georgia

The diet changes Dr. Zgraggen asked me to make were easy and I lost 20 lbs in the process.

Brenda Lang
Charleston, South Carolina
Janna B

Muscle Testing

Stephanie has a magician’s touch in her work.

I totally trust her muscle testing in relation to my body. I usually bring my own questions or information in order to get a full picture of what is needed for physical and also emotional healing. She brings kindness and a fun touch to her work. I can’t imagine a better all around devoted healing practitioner to work with.

Janna B Charleston, South Carolina
Jean Atman

I originally visited Dr Stephanie for chronic swelling in my legs and feet. This has been something I have been struggling with for a while and tried many cures with not much success. Stephanie spent time exploring the normal go-to’s as well as the less obvious supplements and crafted a perfect blend to best support my healing. My body now is much more balanced. It also feels like a tremendous bonus that my energy levels are more level and my sleep is more sound. I can’t recommend Dr. Stephanie enough for her attention to detail, her intuition, and great support she offers!

Jean Atman International Life Coach - Energy Medicine Specialist

“I feel like a new person!”

I absolutely loved working with Dr. Stephanie! Her approach was so refreshing, comprehensive and really got to the root problem. In just 4 months with her one on one plan I dramatically improved my sleep, digestion, energy, mood, hormones balance, back pain and so much more! It was a transformation process and I feel like a new person! I highly recommend her- 5 gold stars!!

Jessica Green Acres, Washington
Adria K.

When I joined the detox program I trusted the process because I trust Dr. Stephanie. However, I did have reservations on getting the results I wanted in 21 days.

Boy was I wrong! I saw increased energy, less joint pain, lower and now normal blood pressure readings and my blood glucose levels have all been within the normal range too. I’m impressed I was able to be this successful.

My toxicity level was very high and afterwards I had a 59% improvement. The group was given all the tools and information we needed and I feel confident now I can use what I have learned to continue my path for weight loss and over all better health.

Adria K. Buford, Georgia
Sylvana H

Dr. Stephanie is a gem!

I started working with her because of my hormonal acne — little did I know, all that was connected to my gut health. She so graciously explained everything to me and how it was all connected because I had no clue!! Every session she taught and led me with so much patience and excitement!

She empowered me tremendously and believed in me every step of the way! Her approach to healing is absolutely remarkable and it’s WORKS! I’ve never felt better!

My blood work labs are better because of her, my gut moves and feels better because of her, my lifestyle and approach to food is absolutely altered and better because of Dr. Stephanie! I promise you, you won’t regret working with her — she’s done so much for me and my body!

Thank you Dr. Stephanie!

Sylvana H Mobile, Alabama
 Hillary McManus

Brain Fog

Working with Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen has been a game-changer for me. I was struggling with debilitating brain fog for months, feeling like I was constantly swimming against a current of mental fatigue.

It was affecting every aspect of my life, from work to personal relationships. Thankfully, in less then 2 months under Dr. Zgraggen’s care, I’m thrilled to say that the fog has lifted, and I feel like my old self again.

Dr. Zgraggen took a comprehensive approach to addressing my brain fog, starting with thorough lab work to pinpoint the underlying issues. From there, she created a custom care plan that included dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, and a regimen of food based supplements and herbs. It was a holistic approach that addressed the root causes of my brain fog, rather than just masking my symptoms.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has the brain fog vanished, but I also feel more energized, focused, and clear-headed than I have in years (probably even decades).

I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Zgraggen for her expertise and dedication to restoring my health and vitality. She has truly empowered me to take control of my well-being, and I can’t thank her enough for giving me my life back.

Hillary McManus Portland, Oregon
Laura Klem

Headaches, Thyroid and Digestion

I am so grateful for Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen!  After years of dealing with chronic headaches and pain along with digestive issues I started to have problems with my thyroid. I felt exhausted all the time and was not getting the help I needed from my primary doctor.

I started working with Dr. Z in October 2021 and she was able to quickly identify what was causing my symptoms. Working with her recommendations I now feel better then I have in years. She is a great listener, very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her!

Laura Klem Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Three months ago I could hardly get out of bed and now I have loads of energy at the end of the day!

Samantha McIntosh
Newport Beach, California
Denise Gilliard

Fibroid Tumors

I have known and been communicating with Dr. Stephanie for almost a year. Within that time frame she has helped me to understand more about what has been going on in my life with my health than any other physicians that I have been visiting for 20 years. I appreciate her and her natural approach more than anything. All other physicians pushed medicines and/or surgery in order to correct my fibroids tumors. Let’s take a minute to visit my tumors and how it affected my health.

Due to the tumors, my cycle was abnormal which made it uncomfortable, uncontrolled, extremely heavy and longer. It had me in a borderline anemia state. I was also made to believe that medicines for life and/or surgery were the only choices available for my condition. Well, really just one(1) option, ‘medicine’, since had ‘low-to no’ Iron which made my blood level too low for surgery even if I was in an accident and needed it to save my life. SCARY…. And a wake-up call for my need to do something yesterday.

With Dr. Stephanie’s approach of a nutritional diet plan and the natural supplements, my concerns greatly improved within three to six months. Today, I am considered healthy as an OX, a term that was used to describe my health before 20 years ago. I sleep better, think better and have tons on energy. I am thankful for Physicians like Dr. Stephanie that still practice and know that your diet is your largest and strongest path to having the best health/life.

PS: My testimony is a little longer than expected, but I have to add that Dr. Stephanie has assisted with recommending supplements for both my father with COPD and my brother with multiple sclerosis. My father is no longer on the nebulizer and my brother’s spasms and pain are more controlled.

Thank you for everything and I am with you forever.

Denise Gilliard Charleston, South Carolina
Haley B

Acne and Fatigue

I was always exhausted and sluggish. I had bad acne and trouble falling to sleep. I also had weakness in my limbs.

Now my energy is really good throughout the day. Falling and staying asleep well. Acne is gone except around my period or times of high stress.

Haley B Marrietta, Georgia

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