Online Group Program

Is this You?

  • No matter what you do you can’t lose weight or stop your cravings 
  • You feel constantly exhausted, even when it feels like you’ve barely done anything
  • You feel like you haven’t slept in ages,  your mental focus, interest in sex and exercise schedule are virtually non-existent
  • You have not yet reached menopause (or maybe you have) and seem to have all of the symptoms
  • You’re tired of hearing from your doctor that “your lab tests are normal” when you intuitively know that something is amiss with your hormones
  • You have a feeling there has to be a way to get your body and mind back on track that doesn’t require fad diets or risky surgery

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you are in the right place.  I am here to help you move towards reaching those health goals ASAP!

My Heal Your Hormones Group Programs are perfect for women who prefer the community and support that a group platform offers. Women work incredibly well together and one should never underestimate the power of a group of informed women on a mission.


Benefits of My Online Group Program

Online Program Syllabus and Schedule

  • Week 1: Hormones 101

    Learn all about the hormonal players in the game
    Take my hormone self assessment quiz to determine if you are out of balance
    Learn why most doctors are NOT doing the right testing to TRULY determine your hormonal function – and what to ask on your next gynecological visit
    Discussion on the five basics of hormonal balancing

  • Week 2: Detox your Liver and Digestive System

    What do toxins have to do with my hormones
    Where are the toxins in our life are coming from and how to remove them safely and effectively from the body
    Learn how toxins make you FAT and what to do about it

  • Week 3: Banish Exhaustion Forever

    Are you addicted to sugar?  Take our quiz and find out…
    Learn how sugar and certain foods wreak hormonal havoc
    Learn the relationship between sugar and cysts, breast tenderness, & hot flashes
    Discussion on easy and effective ways to put your adrenal (energy) glands back to work for you

  • Week 4: Hormonal Super Foods

    Discover Dr. Stephanie’s favorite super foods for hormonal healing and vitality
    Learn what herbal remedies have been used for centuries for hormonal health
    What body type are you??? Take our quiz and enjoy a discussion on different body types and how to support your specific body type.

  • Week 5: Increase that Sex Drive

    Learn how your hormones affect your sex drive (or lack thereof)
    Discover what super foods will improve your sex drive
    Discussion on exercise and what specific types can help increase hormonal function and how to effectively ease into an exercise regimen properly

  • Week 6: Lab Work and Implementation

    Learn which lab tests you should be doing in order to determine your true hormone profile
    Discover how to continue implementing the knowledge you’ve gained thus far
    Learn how to find the right personal and professional support network to help you sustain your long term health goals.

What to Expect

  • 6 Weekly 60 Minute Live Webinars

    Each week, you’ll participate LIVE with me in an interactive discussion. In each session I will provide you with powerful strategies and tools for us to move forward towards your health goals. These sessions include discussion on small dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations, and specific action steps for you to take NOW! – If you cannot make the live session, not to worry as you’ll receive access to the recordings.

  • Weekly Handouts and Resources

    Packed full of vital information that will provide the groundwork for you to propel massive change in all aspects of your life — physical, mental and emotional.

  • Whole Food Supplement and Herb Recommendations

    We will discuss the best supplements made from organic foods and/or herbs that may be utilized to speed up the process of balancing your body’s hormonal system. I’ll take the guesswork of what company’s products and specific herbs provide the best results!

  • Heal Your Hormones Recipe E-Book

    Enjoy this e-book that was specifically developed with female hormonal balancing in mind.  These easy recipes are so good that you’ll want to use this guide after the program is over!

  • Heal Your Hormones Shopping Guide

    The hormone balancing shopping guide so you can get started with incorporating all of these great foods into your diet today!

  • Additional Support - Access to My Private Online Community

    Get support from other women like yourself!  We encourage you to share your experiences, challenges, and successes!  Over the past decade, I have discovered that women work best in a community setting and here we provide a sacred environment for you to share your heart out!

  • Much, Much, More!

    You will receive lots of goodies along the way, from recipes, health questionnaires, handouts, access to videos and much more.

****  This program is entirely virtual, so you can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Also, all group sessions are recorded in the instance that you cannot attend a class you will have online access after the session.

This Program is Right for You If...

  • You enjoy the support of a group of women who are going through a similar situation.
  • You want the leadership of a caring and experienced women’s health expert and doctor.
  • You like the convenience of making these changes from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace without the need to travel to appointments.
  • You like to learn more about how your body functions and what you can to do feel better by taking charge of your health.
  • You desire to learn specific foods, recipes, and herbs that will make the process easier and quicker.
  • You want an approach that is sustainable and addresses the root of your problem.

This Program is Not Right for You If...

  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your own health, and are still searching for that one magic pill that will fix everything.
  • You are looking for a quick weight loss program – many women on this program lose weight, but the main goal is addressing the root causes of hormonal imbalance.
  • You want individualized attention on only your case with private access to me, lab-work, and custom tailored protocols. If that is the case, my Private Clinical Nutriton Program may be a better fit for you.

Next Steps

Our next group program will begin September 2025.

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I look forward to meeting you soon!

My Guarantee to You

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I am so confident in this program and with your success that I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you fully participate in all of the webinars, complete all of the assigned tasks and are not satisfied, you may request a full refund within 14 days of the start of the program. Simply send us an email telling us you would like to end the program and we will refund your money. Yes, it is that simple!