Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and I have answers! Anyone who knows me knows that I'm unapologetically honest and upfront with my patients.  I have no problems giving my patients tough love or having difficult conversations with them when needed. I am here to be your guide, educator, and cheerleader along this amazing transformative journey.  This page is dedicated to answering the most common questions that are asked of me and in being transparent about the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine focuses on the optimal functioning of the entire body and its organs. Using a systems-oriented approach, it addresses the underlying causes of disease along with an understanding of the conditions and history in which the disease manifested. Genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors all have a direct influence on long-term health and chronic health issues.

Can you explain Dr. Stephanie's approach to health?

Dr. Stephanie uses a functional medicine approach that focuses on restoring 3 main body systems: hormones, digestion and detoxification. This approach successfully addresses the 5 most common conditions in our culture – fatigue, depression, weight gain, hormonal and digestive problems – as well as a host of other health issues.  Typically these 3 main body systems become compromised long BEFORE symptoms appear.  Lab tests are typically used to determine the required natural support needed to rebalance your body back to its normal state.

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary with each person. Some people feel dramatic improvement within the first month. Others may take a bit longer. My standard programs are for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. Remember, your condition didn’t develop overnight. Years of stress and illness take their toll and a proper amount of time is necessary to restore function. On average it takes one month of repair for each year you’ve suffered from a specific problem.

What kind of doctor is Dr. Stephanie?

Dr. Stephanie is a Doctor of Chiropractic and clinical nutritionist specialized in functional medicine, female hormones, fatigue and digestive disorders. She is not a medical doctor and does not service medical emergencies; nor does she diagnose specific diseases. If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your primary care physician or dial 911.

How would you describe Dr. Stephanie's practitioner style?

Dr. Stephanie is an extremely caring and knowledgeable doctor. She is deeply passionate about empowering people to take back their health and live fully balanced happy lives. Please visit the praise page for feedback from many of her patients.

Can I email Dr. Stephanie about questions regarding my care?

Prior to actually beginning a program of care, all questions should be sent to our intake coordinator at [email protected].  Once a person has been accepted as a patient, Dr. Stephanie will answer brief questions via email.  She will usually be able to respond within 24 hours.  More complex questions that require 10-15 minutes of response or which require back and forth communications may require a 15 minute phone consultation.


What type of lab tests are recommended?

Dr Stephanie utilizes a variety of labs to determine the root cause of a person’s health issues. The number of labs recommended will depend on your individual situation, including the number of issues you struggle with and the length of time you have been experiencing them. The range is 1-4 lab tests.

Depending on the type of test, the samples required are saliva, urine and stool. All tests are completed by the client through easy test kits that are self-administered in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Stephanie also orders blood testing through LabCorp.

Can I order my own test kits through laboratories, or can my regular doctor order the lab tests for me?

Our authorized laboratories are only able to sell test kits to licensed practitioners. We use specific lab tests from small companies that exclusively offer functional medicine tests. Larger national labs and local hospital-based labs may not helpful for these types of highly specialized tests.  Dr. Stephanie will provide you with specific blood tests that you can request from your general MD but she’s found that many will not completely fulfill the request, especially for full thyroid panels.

Which laboratories does Dr. Stephanie use and why?

Dr. Stephanie has learned that the accuracy of lab findings and the quality of the professionals performing the lab tests are key to uncovering what’s going on with each patient. Quality is not equal across all lab companies. Many times we see “normal” test results from regular lab companies while our tests find many “functional” problems. The lab companies we use have the highest testing standards and the most consistent lab results year after year. These are not replacements for regular medical tests. These tests are used to detect “functional” issues, not medical problems, and are not meant to diagnose or recommend protocols for curing diseases. Their purpose is to detect problems in the functioning of organ systems prior to the onset of disease.

Do I have to have lab tests?

Occasionally a person will have recently been tested by another practitioner and Dr. Stephanie can use those test results as a basis for your health restoration program.  That being said, most traditional medical tests are not designed to show subtle underlying functional problems.  The lab tests that we routinely order are specifically designed to help Dr. Stephanie tailor a program to your individual needs and eliminate all “guess work” in your case.

Consultation Process

Do you offer a complimentary introductory consultation?

Yes, Dr. Stephanie offers a free 20-30 minute phone introductory consultation to determine if you would be a good fit for one of her programs. At that consultation she’ll ask questions about your health goals, and answer all of your questions.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The easiest way to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephanie is to either call her office, Lime and Lotus, at 843.214.2997 or send us an email at [email protected].  Someone from her team will facilitate scheduling your introductory complimentary phone consult.

Do you take long distance patients?

Today’s technological advances have made it possible to address your health concerns from a distance; therefore, it is not necessary to see you in person. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office via telephone 843.214.2997 or at [email protected]

Do you offer in person consultations?

Yes. Dr. Stephanie maintains active wellness clinics in both Atlanta, Georgia and in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, offering clinical nutrition and functional medicine services.  If you are local to either area, you may schedule your follow-up consultations at our office.

**Please note that all introductory complimentary consultations are done via phone. **

How quickly can I schedule an appointment?

We strive to be able to take introductory consultations within 1-2 weeks of your phone call and we keep a waiting list for times when there are cancellations that might enable you to meet with Dr. Stephanie sooner.

What is included in my initial visit with Dr. Stephanie?

Once you’ve had your introductory phone consultation and been accepted as a patient  Dr. Stephanie will review your initial paperwork and questionnaires and carefully listen to your health concerns.  If she feels like labwork is necessary she will send you out for those and will go over those results at this session. She will explain the relationship of your symptoms to the underlying systems that may be dysfunctional and discuss your lab results.  She will explain dietary and lifestyle changes to begin and go over the specific nutrients/herbs that will help you achieve quickest results.  You will also receive educational materials created by Dr. Stephanie, in the form of books, articles or videos that will assist you in taking the first steps along your healing journey.  This session typically lasts 60 minutes.


Do you provide supplements?

To properly heal, a custom healing plan must be provided; certain foods may be recommended, and others may need to be avoided. Along with a customized food plan, healing, whole food supplements and/or herbs will be suggested to encourage your body to rebalance and heal itself.

Are supplements included in my program?

Dr. Stephanie can include your recommended supplements/herbs with your program.  When she creates an all inclusive care plan she does provide a discount on your entire program.

Can I purchase my supplements from other sources?

Dr. Stephanie carries high quality whole food supplements that are formulated to achieve the best results in the right specified dosages. If you want to do your own research on different supplements, you are welcome to do so, but we do not provide any other recommendations, nor advise on other specific blends or brands. If you purchase supplements from other manufacturers, please research carefully. Not all ingredients are equal.

Costs and Insurance

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, nutrition therapy is seen as a holistic practice and major insurance companies do not cover the cost of healing via these methods. However, please check with your insurance provider to verify coverage availability.  We will always provide you with an itemized receipt at the end of each appointment for your records.

What types of payment are accepted?

Payment can be made by check, credit card, or cash. Payment is due at time of service. For our out of state patients we can accept a credit card or email you an online invoice.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request that you provide at least 24 hour notice of your intention to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you provide less notice than that or simply fail to keep your appointment, you may be charged for that appointment.  We will set up an email and/or text reminder system to remind you of your appointments but are not responsible for any technological errors between our system and your email or phone company.

How much do Dr. Stephanie's wellness plans cost?

Care plans are designed to meet each patient’s specific need and budget. A typical care plan might start at $997 and go up from there depending on complexity and duration of care included.  Dr Stephanie creates 3-12 month programs that have added value in them as well to help save on cost.  Once you’ve had your complimentary consultation with Dr. Stephanie she’ll be able to provide you with exact details for your individual plan.

Do you offer payment plans?

Dr. Stephanie offers several payment options including payment at the time of service, monthly payment plans or 1-time pre-payment.  These options will be explained to you during your consultation.  Credit card is the preferred method of payment but we will accept cash or personal check as long as it is received prior to your consultation.

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