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How to create this immune boosting syrup at home. 

I created this mini-course as a self-guided journey to better educate you on the fabulous and fantastic elderberry. 

By the end of this course you’ll discover the amazing properties of this potent berry, appropriate dosing for prevention and acute care, adult vs child dosing, and last but not least how you can make your own Elderberry Syrup at home to ward off the cold and flu!

I’ll also teach you my own recipe that I use step by step as well as ingredients and specific supplies you’ll need to DIY this amazing syrup

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Mini Course Features

Elderberry Syrup – Mini Course Components

Feature #1

Mini-Course Guide -which includes the following:

  • Elderberry Syrup Recipe
  • Elderberry Syrup Dosing Guide
  • Ingredients and Supplies Shopping Guide


Elderberry Syrup Masterclass Video:

  • 26 Minute Video
  • Masterclass Video Transcript

Feature #3

Bonus Recipe

  • Elderberry Tincture Recipe
  • Course Notes Pages

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I am so happy that a friend in my neighborhood told me about Dr Stephanie’s elderberry syrup. I have tried a bunch and most were either really watered down or didn’t taste good – but when I tried hers it was soooo yummy. My kids will even drink it and you know how picky they can be.
Well after buying a bunch of bottles of her syrup I was happy to find her online course on making the elderberry syrup at home – Her course does not disappoint and I can tell you that it is the same recipe she makes for her patients. If you want to get healthy and save money making this syrup on your own I highly recommend her course.

Jesse Hamilton
Happy Mom

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Mini-Course created by a Doctor who has studied, and used herbs with her patients for over 16 years.

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This mini course is professionally created and is action packed with video, transcript, supplement guide and more.

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Elderberry Syrup DIY – Mini Course Details

In this mini-course you’ll learn:
In this mini-course you’ll learn:

  • Types, properties, uses and history of Elderberry
  • How Elderberry helps the body during colds and the flu
  • Appropriate dosing for prevention vs sick care
  • Appropriate dosing for adults vs children
  • Recipe for making Elderberry Syrup at home
  • What ingredients and supplies are necessary
  • When you should NOT take Elderberry



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*Mini Course is immediately ready for download upon purchase.

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